Welcome, Bienvenidos, Bem-vindos, Napaykuykiku!

With the support of a second Title VI National Resource Center grant, the Latin American and Caribbean Studies Institute (LACSI) continues to expand its research, education, and outreach initiatives related to Latin America and the Caribbean. Other programs and LACSI faculty affiliates advance research, education, and advocacy on and on behalf of U.S. Latinx communities. LACSI’s more than 200 faculty affiliates represent all of UGA’s colleges and professional schools, with several jointly-appointed faculty who teach the Institute's core curriculum.

Through the nation's first Portuguese Flagship Program and a Title VI Foreign Language and Area Studies grant, LACSI supports thriving Portuguese language and growing Quechua language programs, funding on-campus study and study abroad opportunities for students of less commonly taught Latin American languages.  

Consider participating in one of the Initiatives, or supporting the vital work being done through them. Please explore our website, subscribe to our newsletter, and contact us to share your ideas of how we might work together. We look forward to hearing from you

International Education During the Shelter-in-Place Period   

Like others in our community, Latin American and Caribbean Studies Institute (LACSI) faculty and staff are abiding by the directions to shelter in place.  For us, that has meant working from home and adapting our classes to online platforms. The health and well-being of our students and our community is paramount, and guides all our work in these times.

Although away from our beloved offices on the UGA campus, LACSI is open and eager to engage. The global pandemic has had profound local consequences.  Members of the LACSI community have seen our teaching, research and service work impacted, particularly concerning future travel plans and campus events that involved international guests and large audiences.

We do have good news.  Grant funds that had been geared toward travel to Latin America, such as the Tinker Graduate Field Research Grants and our Title VI National Research Center funds, including Faculty Ambassador Travel Awards, may be converted to support research online in accordance with the need to shelter in place.  The Tinker Foundation is also allowing award recipients to consider deferring Latin America travel to fall 2020 or Summer 2021. We will be providing additional details in upcoming weeks, so please stay tuned for announcements.

The COVID-19 pandemic has temporarily shut down our borders and those of many countries around the globe, including in Latin America.  But it has also highlighted the importance of international education and expertise, global cooperation, and empathy to the health and well-being of our shared world.  Now more than ever, our work is urgent and relevant, as we seek to understand this rapidly changing world and train new generations of students to engage with it.  Your work is vitally important.  Keep doing it!  We are working hard to support you in these times.